Critical Path Defined

Over the weekend, I tried to finalize the itinerary of my trip up to Berlin of Germany.  It is still a question of how to design the journey from Berlin to Aberdeen.  While it is technically feasible to travel within 24 hours by trains, but as far as British style is concerned, it may be too risky to perform such movement.  Some cities are considered for the technical stop, Köln, Brussels, Paris or even London. 
Anyway, while the first half of the journey was finalized, the critical path is identified.  The train K3, operate by Chinese stock from Beijing to Irkutsk (and terminate at Moscow), operate on every Wednesday.  It is not possible to book from any China Railway office or  Instead, you can only book the ticket through the agent.  It's time to start communicating with the agent for the train ticket and prepare the Russia visa.


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