Fastest Possible Itinerary

While the itinerary of my upcoming trip takes over twenty days from Aberdeen to Aberdeen, what is the fastest way to travel from Aberdeen to Aberdeen by rail?  While I am waiting for my ticket confirmation, I've tried to work out the ideal itinerary based on information as of mid-February 2018.
Ideal itinerary from Aberdeen to Aberdeen, in 11 days
The fastest possible itinerary is a bit tricky, as you will need a Russian or Belarusian passport to directly cross the border between Russia and Belarus on the rail.
  • Day 1 (Tuesday):
    On Tuesday morning just after 7 am, catch the Kaito from Aberdeen to Ap Lei Chau for Lei Tung Station, or take 20 minutes walk to Wong Chuk Hang Station, follow by MTR journey to the border crossing at Lok Ma Chau, the journey will take around 80 minutes.
    After crossing the border control between Hong Kong and mainland China, take the Shenzhen Metro to Futin Station, change here for the high-speed train G6506, which depart at 09:34, and arrives Guangzhounan (Guangzhou South) Station at 10:21.  Once you arrive Guangzhounan, change there for high-speed train G68, which depart at 11:13, and arrives Beijingxi (Beijing West) Station at 20:56 on the same day.  Change there for Beijing Subway, and stay in a hotel overnight near Beijing Station.   
  • Day 2 (Wednesday):
    Goto Beijing Station, and take the Trans-Siberian Train K3 (runs every Wednesday), which leaves Beijing Station at 10:00.   The train will run through Mongolia.
  • Day 7 (Monday):
    After five nights, the train arrives Moskva Iaroslavskaia Station at 13:58.  Stay in a hotel overnight and enjoy a night in Moscow.
  • Day 8 (Tuesday):
    Catch the Moscow Metro to Moskva Belorusskaia Station, and catch the RZD 023Й train (runs every Tuesday), it will leave Moscow at 20:00.  The train will run through Belarus*, Poland, Germany before reaching France.
  • Day 10 (Thursday):
    After two nights, the train arrives Paris Gare de l'Est at 09:33 in the morning.  Walk to the adjacent Paris Gare de Nord, and catch any Eurostar depart before 18:07, and arrives London St. Pancras before 19:39.  Once you arrive St. Pancras, take a 10-15 mins walk to Euston Station, and prepare to catch the Caledonian Sleeper to Aberdeen, which departs at 21:15.
  • Day 11 (Friday):
    Finally, by 07:35, you'll arrive Aberdeen, United Kingdom.

  1. There is some rumor that you can transit from Russia to Belarus directly if your train journey terminates after Belarus.  We do not recommend you to take this route unless you are sure about the consequence of being caught by authority.  
  2. It is recommended that you pre-book all your journey, as seats are limited.
  3. Please allow extra time for security check when you board the train in China.  
  4. Please allow extra time for security, immigration and customs check when you catch Eurostar. 


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