Finalized Itinerary

After working for a couple of months to find the border crossing restriction, work out my sightseeing plan, and arranging accommodation, the finalized itinerary is here.

1. Use railway when there is a possible and "legal" connection.
2. Otherwise, use other means of transport (or walk) to the nearest railway station, which allows possible and "legal" connection.

The details are as follow:
  • Day 1:
    The journey begins at Aberdeen, which is on the southwest Hong Kong Island.  Crossing the Aberdeen Harbour to Ap Lei Chau by 5 minutes ride Kaito, and another 5 minutes walk to MTR Lei Tung Station.  At there, catch the MTR to Hung Hom Station.
    Catch the intercity through train #Z98 to Beijingxi (Beijing West) Station at 15:15. 
  • Day 2:
    Arriving BeijingXi at 15:30, after immigration and customs check, stay at Beijing for two nights.
  • Day 4:
    Goto Beijing Station, and take the Trans-Siberian train #K3 at 10:00.    The train will run through Mongolia before entering Russia.
  • Day 6:
    Arriving Irkutsk (Иркутск) Passajirskij at 14:37 local time, and stay at Irkutsk for two nights. 
  • Day 8:
    At Irkutsk Passajirskij, board on the Trans-Siberian train РЖД #001М Россия for four days at 16:14 local time.
  • Day 11:
    After three nights, the train arrives Moskva (Mосква) Iaroslavskaia Station at 14:13.  Stay at Moscow for five nights.
  • Day 16:
    Take the РЖД Сапсан high-speed train from Moskva Oktiabrskaia to Sankt-Peterburg (Санкт-Петербург) Glavny.   There are a number of trains operate per days.  Stay at St. Petersburg for three nights.
  • Day 19:
    To avoid border crossing issue between Russia and Belarus, direct train to Minsk from Russia is not an option.  Instead, catch the LDz #083A Baltiya overnight sleeper from Sankt-Peterburg Vitebs to Rīgas Centrālā dzelzceļa stacija, Rīgas at Lativa.  The train departs at 17:20.
  • Day 20:
    Arrive Rīgas Centrālā dzelzceļa stacija at 09:17.  Spent the daytime around Rīgas before returning to the station at 20:00 for the LDz #088B to Minsk.
  • Day 21:
    At 07:50 local time, the train arrives at Minsk (Мінск) Pasažyrski. Stay at Minsk for three nights.
  • Day 22:
    In the morning, catch the train from Minsk to Brest (Берасьце) Centraĺny for a day trip, before boarding the 21:43 overnight sleeper РЖД #013M to Berlin.
    Day 23:
    The train arrives Berlin-Lichtenberg at 08:48.  Change there for S-Bahn to Berlin Hbf, follow by DB #ICE 1052, which depart at 09:49, and reaches Köln Hbf at 14:09.  Stay at Köln for two nights.
  • Day 25:
    In the early morning, catch the DB #ICE 18 at 07:42, which arrives Bruxelles Midi at 09:35.  Change there for Eurostar, which departs at 10:56 and arrives London St. Pancras International at 11:57 local time.
    In the evening, head to Euston Station, and prepare to catch the Caledonian Sleeper to Aberdeen, which departs at 21:15.
  • Day 26:
    Finally, by 07:35, you'll arrive Aberdeen, United Kingdom. 


  1. Looking forward to reading your journey..........Bear HUGS!!

  2. Fabulous route and well done for skipping France with all their strikes.


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